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Remember that story in the Bible about Jesus wearing a choir robe and playing a pipe organ? Yeah, never happened!!! He hung out with real people in places where real life was happening and blended right in. So we follow his lead by creating an engaging experience where real people can talk about real life stuff and find the guidance and hope they need…  (sorta like Jesus did, back in the day)

WhatA worship experience that fits your life, not your great-grandma’s

WhoEveryone is welcome (even great-grandma!)

WhenSundays at 10:00am

Where4353 Park Blvd. About 1 1/2 miles north from Balboa Park

DressCome as you are – comfortable


ChildcareKids love it! Arrive at 9:15 am for secure check in

But I’ve never been a church goer.


You’ll embarrass me.

Never! Guests are in “stealth mode.” You won’t be asked to stand up, wear a name tag, or get on a mailing list.

You’ll bug me.

We’ll let our friendship develop at your pace, not ours.

I’ve been on my faith journey for awhile; you’ll bore me.

New Vision will challenge you to new levels of growth. Plus, you’ll find opportunities in a creative environment to serve others, strengthen relationships and grow deeper in your faith and connection to God.

So you’re throwing away everything about traditional church?

No no no no no….God’s word never changes…just the delivery method

I need to clean up my life first before going to church!

Nope. We live by the phrase, “no perfect people allowed!”

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